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Riot Announces Valorant Beta to Go Live On April 7

Riot Announces Valorant Beta to Go Live On April 7
Image Credit – Yahoo

Fans have much to rejoice as they will soon be able to enjoy the exciting gameplay of Valorant, the latest offering from Riot that is said to be a combination of Counter Strike and Overwatch. The developer stated on March 30 that they will be launching a closed beta version on April 7. 

It has not been clearly stated precisely how significant the beta can be or the length of the gameplay. Still, Riot has asked the interested players to link their Twitch and Riot accounts together so they can participate. The developer explained that when the closed beta version gets activated in your area, you will get to see particular Valorant streams highlighted on the Twitch accounts to allow you to take part in the closed beta version access.

However, the beta version of Valorant will not see a worldwide launch, at least for now. It will only be made available to the players in the United States of America, Turkey, Russia, Europe, and Canada. Going by the words of Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Valorant, the developer will now need to focus on the specific regions where they feel the readiest to launch, and they will add more regions in the upcoming months.

The release of Valorant was first teased in October last year when it was codenamed ‘Project A.’ It is the first title of Riot outside the expansive universe of the League of Legends. It is a five vs five competitive gameplay. It aims to bring together the tactical shooting aspect of the Counter Strike games, along with the colorful characters and superpowers of Overwatch. Riot is expected to bring Valorant to the PCs during this summer.

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