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Types Of Home Care Service Available To Maintain Housekeeping Sometimes

There are different types of Home Care service as well as companion services which are provided to the aged. They are all personalized and include housekeeping, dining room, companionship and custodial care giving. There are also residential or custodial care giving, where a person has to move into a facility and is cared for there. However, the types of Home Care service are as per an individual’s requirements.

Types Of Home Care Service Available To Maintain Housekeeping Sometimes

One can go for the following types of home care services – housekeeping, companionship, light housekeeping, companionship & personal care services. House keeping is something that involves taking care of the interiors of a house such as cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. However, housekeeping does not involve taking care of someone else’s health and needs. They can either be part of the long-term care services or just be a part of receiving care.

Another type of Home Care service is that of companionship which involves hiring someone to accompany an aged person or someone with special needs like a physically challenged a senior citizen, deaf and dumb, or blind person or someone suffering from dementia. The companion will be trained to perform certain tasks like cooking, taking out the garbage, taking care of personal hygiene like bathing and dressing. However, one cannot be certified as a personal care attendant until one is hired as a caregiver by the family or someone who is a licensed caregiver.

There are also the two major forms of Home Care service which are in home care services and long-term care services. Long-term care services include home health care, long-term care services and home health aide. In home health care services are meant to help the elderly maintain their independence and maintain their health. These services include housekeeping, feeding, walking and even assistance with bathing and dressing. On the other hand, long-term care services are for those who require specialized care such as life assistance or geriatric care. These services involve assisting with such things as getting wheelchairs, breathing machines, getting medicine and medical equipment, getting help with activities of daily living and even social interaction.

Private duty nursing care services consist of professional nurses and aides. Usually a patient is admitted to the hospital for a day or so and then released to live at home. These services differ from Home Health care services in that patients are admitted to the hospital for a day or so, but are discharged to live at home. Most of these private duty nursing care services are offered by hospitals or clinics, and they are for the purpose of assisting the aged with everyday activities and with the provision of basic personal care.

As mentioned earlier, long-term care is the type of Home Care service that is paid for by a patient’s insurance. How To Start a Home Care Business in Idaho is generally not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, therefore the patient must pay for it themselves. However, this is not to say that all private duty nursing care is non-medical. For example, sometimes patients are placed on oxygen machines or are given medication after receiving care from their own doctors.