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What is the RV Glass Replacement Procedure

RV glass installation is not a do-it-yourself job. Large chunks of glass are used in RVs, which are difficult and unsafe to handle. If these windows are not correctly placed, they might be dangerous to passengers and others on the road if they do not remain attached. Furthermore, incorrectly placed windows may cause water damage to your RV, which can lead to rot, mildew, electrical difficulties, and other problems.

A single technician may install your RV windshield, but a two-person team is usually required. To reach the windshield more readily, they will most likely utilize ladders or even scaffolding. The procedure for removing your broken windshield and replacing it with a new one is outlined below in broad terms. There are a variety of designs utilized to keep RV windshields in place. The method for your specific RV makes and model may vary from the one outlined here, and the technician should be aware of the best approach to proceed.

How to Replace an RV Windshield

Measure the glass and write down all of the manufacturer’s information.

Because RV glass is so particular, it’s critical to get the precise glass that needs to be replaced. The wait time for receiving glass might be several weeks, so getting it correctly the first time is crucial. Take precise measurements of the glass and write down whatever information you discover on the “bug,” including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year, make, and model. This information will be required by the glass replacement professional you deal with in order to identify the correct glass for your repair.

Hire a reliable RV glass replacement firm. offers RV glass replacement service sites nationwide, so start your replacement process by utilizing our search engine to discover the shop closest to your zip code and obtain a fast and simple pricing quotation.

Arrange for a replacement.

When the component comes, schedule a replacement day and time. Some replacement businesses will come to you, while others may need you to bring your RV into their shop for the replacement. Remember that these are big chunks of glass that should be handled with considerable caution. RVs take up a lot of area and will not fit in every shop. As a result of these factors, the glass shop will recommend the best solution depending on their capabilities.

Take away the windshield molding.

This is the first stage in the process of removing the old windshield. Most RV windshields have a molding or bead to assist secure the windshield.

Remove the windshield.

Urethane is often used to seal the windshield in place. To remove the windshield, the urethane seal must be broken.

Prepare and clean the frame.

Your replacement professional will carefully clean and prep the structure that supports the windshield.

Scrub the glass.

It is critical to clean the glass of any oils, residues, or other pollutants that may have been stuck to the surface throughout the packaging and shipping process.

Attach the glass.

Suction cups will be used by the installers to transport and raise the glass into position.

Put the glass in place.

To keep wind and water out and the windshield in place, a urethane sealant will be caulked around the edge of the windshield and beneath the gasket.

Keep the glass secure.

The bead will be replaced in the frame to assist secure the windshield.

Finishing touches

The technician will most likely clean the glass again to eliminate any pollutants from the installation operation before inspecting the installation to verify it was done properly.

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