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What are the Types of Devices That Use IoT

The IoT technology has become more popular day by day and it is used in various applications nowadays. IoT devices are connected through the internet to transmit and receive data from other devices in the network. These devices give authority to the user, in order to manage and control the devices from anywhere in the world.

IoT devices are widely used in various applications and devices. These devices can be used in offices, hospitals, homes, industries, etc. The following are some places where IoT devices are used effectively.

Smart lighting systems in your homes use this IoT technology, which helps you automatically turn on and off your home lights whenever you enter or leave your house.

Smart thermostats are used in controlling your home air-conditioning and heating systems. They allow you to adjust the temperature settings from various devices. Also, it automatically adjusts your home’s inside temperature according to the outside temperature.

In many industries, large machinery can also be connected to the internet to share and transfers information to the control system, for better access to the machine and safety purposes.

In hospitals, patients in wheelchairs have smart devices which are attached to know about their overall health condition. Also, patients can wear smart bands which help the doctors and nurses to monitor their fitness and alerts the nurses quickly in case of any deflections.

Types of Devices that Use IoT:

The following are some of the top IoT devices from various IoT device manufacturers which are used by people all over the world.

Google Home Voice Controller:

Google Home voice controller is a smart device that uses IoT technology which allows the user to enjoy various features. It allows you to control TV and speakers, lights, alarms, thermostats, and more functions. Also, you can control your home appliances, get weather updates, manage your daily to-do list, making phone calls are the major key features of this device.

Amazon Echo Voice Controller:

This device is used to play songs, set alarms, initiate phone calls, and messages give answers to your questions, manage your smart home appliances, etc. The sound cancellation feature in this device helps in distinguishing your voice even if the songs are playing at a higher volume. It also controls compatible smart home appliances like lights, plugs, air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

Amazon Dash Button:

Amazon dash button is an IoT device that gets connected over the Wi-Fi and makes sure that the user doesn’t get back important household items like groceries, medical aids, personal care items, kids and pets items, etc. It allows the user to order the products quickly and helps in reducing the time for searching for the required product. Amazon dash button is the best IoT product which is developed for making the user’s lifestyle easy and simple.

August Doorbell Cam:

August doorbell cam is an IoT device, which allows you to answer your door from any remote location. It keeps on checking your home doors and also captures the changes in the motion at your doorstep. This device offers clear HD videos of your doorsteps by using integrated floodlight technology.


Internet of Things becomes more popular in the current living era. This technology will keep on increasing drastically and it is going to change the future of mankind.

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