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Which Yoga Poses Increase Fertility

If you’re trying to conceive and are looking for a safe and natural way to do it, consider yoga. It is proven to increase a woman’s fertility, relax the pelvic floor and soften the vaginal wall muscles. Here are some poses you can try to conceive. These poses also promote blood flow to the pelvis. But which ones are best? Keep reading to learn more about them.


The forward bend, or Dandasana, is one of the most common yoga poses for fertility. It tones the pelvis and muscles in the lower back, while stimulating the metabolism and ensuring a pain-free delivery. Practiced for at least two minutes a day, this pose also helps with infertility symptoms. In addition to improving your overall flexibility, it also helps strengthen your legs, shoulders, and back.

Practiced properly, Dandasana helps to correct posture and strengthen the back, hamstrings, and core. It is also said to improve fertility in women who are experiencing fertility problems. To perform the pose, sit comfortably and lower your shoulders. Place a folded blanket or wall behind you to elevate your hips. Hold the pose for at least one minute and repeat it three to five times. Once you have become comfortable with the position, repeat the posture a few more times for maximum benefit.


A number of poses can promote fertility, including warrior II. This pose opens the hips and strengthens the sides. Begin by flexing your foot. The front foot should be pointed forward, while the back foot should face the side. Bend your front knee to open your body to the side, and hold your arms out wide. Repeat on the opposite side. While performing this pose, try to focus on the pelvic floor and avoid forcing your neck.

Paschimottanasana, also known as the seated forward fold, helps women achieve a more relaxed pelvic region. This pose increases blood flow and stimulates the thyroid gland. To do this pose, sit with your legs stretched out and stretch your arms overhead. Repeat this sequence 5 to 6 times a day. Repeat this breathing technique for five to six minutes. Repeating this exercise regularly can increase fertility by stimulating the ovaries.

Upavishta Konasana

Upavishta Konasansana is a yoga pose that helps you to relax and calm your mind. It strengthens the pelvic floor, thighs, spine, and abdominal muscles. By doing this pose for one minute, you can increase your chances of conception. It is a great remedy for depression, too, and has been linked to increased fertility. However, you must avoid performing it during your menstrual cycle.

To begin this yoga pose, lay flat on a mat. Ensure your knees are pushed together and your pelvic region is higher than your hips. Press your elbows away from the floor. Gently lower your head and your tailbone towards the floor. Repeat the exercise three to five times. After this, the next step is to raise your knees off the floor.

Salamba Shirsasana

The head over floor position in Salamba Shirsasana is a challenging yoga asana with therapeutic benefits for the reproductive organs and the ovaries. The pose opens the chest, improves flexibility, and stimulates the thyroid and adrenal glands. This pose can also help to relieve stress and depression and is ideal for women with fertility issues. It can be difficult to learn, so it’s best to get a professional to teach you.

The cobra-like pose stimulates the Anahata chakra, while strengthening the back and shoulders. It also improves blood circulation. When performed correctly, the Cobra-like pose has multiple benefits, including increasing fertility in women. To perform the pose correctly, begin with a deep breath and push the upper body backward. Continue this process until you reach the top of the spine. When practicing this pose regularly, you’ll see the benefits from this unique pose.

Bridge pose

One of the best poses for fertility is the Bridge Pose, which opens the heart and pelvis and calms the central nervous system. To perform the Bridge pose, you should lie on your back with your knees bent and hips raised. You should have a 90-degree angle between your torso and legs. Taking a few deep breaths, gently raise your legs and then stretch your body to the ceiling.

The Bridge Pose in yoga increases fertility by opening the pelvic region and strengthening the sides. It requires intense concentration but is a great way to increase fertility and AMH levels. However, you should perform this pose under expert guidance. For better results, you should practice the pose with your partner or a certified yoga instructor. In addition, it is beneficial for fertility as well. Performing the pose correctly will improve the condition of your pelvic region, which is vital for conception.

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