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Making mushroom spawn using mushroom spores

Mushroom cultivation may be quite rewarding if done properly. should be updated Here are many methods for creating mushroom spawn utilizing mushroom spores.

What exactly is mushroom spawn?

Mushrooms reproduce by spores, as opposed to plants, which reproduce through seeds. These spores are employed in the production of mushroom spawn. When the mycelium in this spawn is exposed to enough water, it expands and produces mushrooms. This spawn may be utilized in a variety of ways in mushroom growing.

Making cardboard mushroom spawn

This is the simplest and cheapest method for producing mushroom spawn. The method is soaking cardboard in water, then coating it with mycelium or mushroom spores and allowing them to colonize. That’s all there is to it.

The benefits of utilizing cardboard to make spawn are that it maintains moisture well and, since it is made of wood, the mycelium finds it simpler to colonize.

Spawning on Petri dishes

This is analogous to creating spawn in a laboratory setting. A compact, contained space is perfect for preparing the spawn in Petri dishes. Before you begin, clean the area with a bleach-water solution. Then, all of the components needed for spawn preparation must be disinfected.

To make spawn, place a little piece of mushroom on agar medium in Petri dishes and leave it at the right temperature until the mycelium expands to fill the whole dish. After around two weeks, transfer the mycelium to jars containing sterilized grains and let it to colonize for two to four weeks under suitable circumstances. These jars are ready to be infected after they have been filled with white filaments.

Making grain jars

Rye may be used as the grain. The following technique must be followed while preparing the grain jars:

60 mL of warm water is introduced to a 250 mL flask. Then, a 50ml beaker of rye grains is added and well mixed. 12 teaspoon calcium carbonate powder and 14 teaspoon calcium sulfate are combined in this, and the resulting mixture must be sterilized at 121 degrees Celsius for about 35 minutes. The grain jar mycelium transfer is now complete. You may use f+ spore syringe to insert.

Creating spawn out of stem butts

The stem butts may be used to create mushroom spawn (which are the bottom portions of the mushroom stem where the stem connects to the mycelium). However, only certain mushroom varieties may be grown utilizing stem butts. Here are several examples:

Mushrooms with oysters

Morels are wild mushrooms

Giants in the Garden

Fans of wood

To collect the spawn, use a plastic container with drainage holes. Gently cut the bottom of the stem off. Then, chop up the cardboard and soak it in warm water for approximately an hour. Stack the cardboard layers in the plastic container, with the stem butts above the corrugations. It is now complete.

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