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How to Teach a Cane Corso Puppy to Go Potty?

The best time to begin potty training your new Cane Corso puppy is right away if you have just brought him home. In fact, your dog will learn more quickly the earlier you begin. Cane Corso dogs are very bright and have a wide range of learning abilities. The breed was first created in Italy to hunt boar and to protect property. Don’t expect him to be friends with everyone, since this breed isn’t very sociable, but he will offer you and your family his unwavering devotion.

Creating Tasks

Although teaching your dog to use the bathroom outdoors might be difficult, it should be one of the first things you teach your puppy. In fact, you need to impart this knowledge to him before teaching him anything else. Of course, you may concentrate on toilet training while also working on other skills like “sit,” “come,” “stay,” and “down.” While accidents will undoubtedly occur in the first few weeks, by the time your puppy is around 6 months old, he ought to stop leaving you those tiny surprises all over the carpet.

Getting Going

Learning to recognize the cues your dog gives you that he has to relieve himself is one of the most crucial steps in teaching your Cane Corso to use the outdoor toilet. Sniffing the ground, circling, crouching, elevating one leg, and scratching at the entrance are a few of these indicators. A few training aids will also be necessary to support you along the road.

Fill up

You need to stock up on nice goodies for your dog before you start.

Watch the puppy

As much as you can, keep a watch on your dog. As soon as you see him indicating that he has to go to the bathroom, firmly but not angrily exclaim “NO!”

Straight ahead

Pick him up and take him right outside to the designated bathroom area in the yard. Start utilizing your cue at the same moment, such as “Let’s go outdoors” or a phrase to that effect. He will be assisted by to link the action to the cue.

Having patience pays off

Be patient; it can take a few minutes for your dog to do his “business.” He will eventually lose the ability to contain himself, no matter what. Praise him and give him a reward when he finally “goes.” then enter the home again.

The remainder of it is

The next steps include keeping up the training with your dog until he can wait for you to ask him if he needs to go outside or comes to you to signal his desire to urinate.

Set up a timetable

A timetable has to be established before you begin. Start by removing him from the room every 20 minutes at first. If he uses the toilet, make sure to congratulate him and reward him with a treat. Don’t be concerned if he chooses not to. Just bring him inside and wait a few minutes before trying again.

Special occasions

You must take him outside right away at certain times of the day. The first time is when you awaken in the morning, the second time is after every meal and whenever he drinks a lot of water, the third time is after a sleep, and the fourth time is following an extended period of play.

Pick a cue

A good cue word is “outside,” which is often used. Use it each time you take your dog outdoors so that he learns to connect the cue word with going outside to relieve himself. Your dog should soon be able to tell you when he needs to go outside simply by asking you.

Extend the time

Over a few weeks, start lengthening the duration between outside trips.

Before you finish

Your dog should come to you or go to the door when he has to go pee before you’re through training him.


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