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Transform Your Home’s Entrance With Custom Logo Mats

Want to turn your entrance into an inviting space for visitors? A custom logo mat can do the trick! Not only will it add your business or personal flair, but also reduce dirt and debris on the floor surface.

Rug Rats offers an assortment of customizable mats that you can design to reflect the atmosphere of any space in your home and are the perfect way to welcome guests with style! Perfect both indoor and outdoor use.

Jet Print Logo Mats

Our customized Jet Print Logo Mats utilize a digital printing process to faithfully reproduce any artwork containing intricate details, making them the ideal solution for artwork with intricate lines, complex shapes or complicated color combinations that is hard to capture with traditional matting solutions.

Premium Carpet Logo Mats

These commercial grade logo mats feature dense and vibrant premium carpet surfaces. Ultimate Mats has different types of mats available in multiple styles, these premium mats provide optimal visibility of your logo in high traffic areas.

Waterhog Logo Mats

These custom logo floor mats utilize a revolutionary waffle-surface design that efficiently cleans dirt and water from shoes while producing sharp images. Plus, these slip-resistant mats will not fade in hot climates!

Rubber Scraper Logo Mats

These logo mats boast an extremely durable rubber backing that won’t tear or wear over time when repeatedly walked on, as well as providing great traction and making cleanup quick and simple when necessary.

Recessed Logo Mats Recessed mats are an ideal choice for commercial spaces with heavy traffic, particularly Class A buildings. Constructed with rectangular links bound together with industrial strength galvanized steel rods to offer exceptional durability and long-term color retention, recessed logo mats give your logo an exclusive appearance that cannot be found elsewhere in matting forms. Their alternate colored links give them their signature look which cannot be found elsewhere.

Inlaid Logo Mats

These custom mats feature two or more pieces of carpet laser cut to precise specifications and joined by hand into an intricate custom mat design. Commonly made using Berber style carpet but other materials may also be utilized.

Vinyl Link Recessed Logo Mats

Our Vinyl Link Recessed Logo Mats utilize rectangular links bound together with industrial strength Galvanized Steel rods for exceptional durability and long-term color retention. Furthermore, their unique link color changing capabilities give your logo image an original appearance not found with many other types of matting products.

Inlaid logo mats are an ideal choice for high traffic areas where your logo will be seen frequently. Available with either squared or beveled edges and backed with nitrile rubber to provide exceptional traction and longevity, inlaid mats offer something special.

Finding the appropriate custom logo mat can create an unforgettable and lasting first impression with visitors to your church. Some churches may display their church name while others opt to highlight scripture or phrases which encourage community participation.

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