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Google to come up with an emergency calling feature on Nest Aware

Google to come up with an emergency calling feature on Nest Aware

New updates are about to be launched in the Google Home app for offering better support to the Nest devices. The app is all set to offer emergency calling functions on the smart speakers.

Jane Wong mentioned on Twitter that there is a setting that is still buried deep within the Google Home app and is yet to go live for use. The latest setting aims to help the owners of Google Nest to enter the address that is used for calling the emergency services like 911. The past records show that Google has always kept unexpected emergency contacts blocked because of the Assistant speakers, but all that is about to be changed with the latest Nest Awareness plans.

Going by the reports, the latest plans aim to offer additional support for new features, as well as reduce the price of supporting the Nest cameras in the home. And, the feature of calling emergency services is one of those new features.

If a display or speaker picks up on a smoke alarm and alerts the users on their phone, thanks to the Nest Aware Home App, the user will be able to call the emergency services closest to their home, even while he stays far away.

When the user dials the number of the emergency services from the phone while being away, he might be connected to a call center that is unable to send a dispatch to the residence of the user. On the other hand, if he is at home and is unable to get to his phone immediately, saying “okay Google, call 911” to any home speaker or Google Nest or the displays covered by the subscription of Nest Aware, would be enough. The release date of these new features is yet to be announced by Google.

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