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Microsoft reassures Xbox Series X is small than refrigerators

Microsoft reassures Xbox Series X is small than refrigerators
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Last December, Microsoft brought out the latest gaming console, the Xbox Series X, to the market, and the meme makers have been having a field day with it ever since, all thanks to its unconventional size.

Gamers were certainly not expecting their Xbox Series X to look as boxy as it did, and the memes started comparing the design with refrigerators, skyscrapers, trash cans, and so on. People did not stop at that, and the console was soon being compared to Bazook and SpongeBob SquarePants.

However, Microsoft does not seem to be the one to ignore all this criticism, and with the memes showing no signs of stopping, it finally took to twitter to clear out the air about the design of the new console. The company actually posted pictures comparing the Xbox Series X with a refrigerator to show that there’s no way you can mix up a refrigerator with the gaming console.

Microsoft tried to assure the gamers with the post that, though it might have the appearance of a refrigerator, it is not really of the same size as an actual fridge. The post was humorously captioned ‘Fridge for scale,’ and it compared the size of the console to refrigerators.

Microsoft mentioned that the average height of a refrigerator stands at 1,778 mm, while the Xbox is hardly 301 mm in height. The breadth and width of the Series X are only 151 mm, as opposed to the refrigerator, which has a breadth and width of 762 mm and 635 mm, respectively. And, thus, Microsoft claimed that the new gaming console is nothing like an actual refrigerator. Though it is certainly a clever attempt from the company, it does not really dispel the notions that the design resembles a refrigerator.

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