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Apple showcases the abilities of the new LIDAR scanner using the Hot Lava game

Apple showcases the abilities of the new LIDAR scanner using the Hot Lava game
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You can now turn your living room into an AR version of the popular video game Hot Lava using the LIDAR scanner of the new iPad Pro. The video game is based on that childhood pastime, where people used to jump on the furniture for avoiding imaginary lava on their floor. The game is available for streaming, but the mobile version of it is presently exclusively available only on Apple Arcade. Apple declared that the LIDAR scanner enabled iPad Pro will allow users to play Hot Lava using the latest AR mode, to be made available this year.

The game aims to showcase the abilities of the LIDAR scanner. The player has to scan the living room using his iPad. The app automatically generates the lava on the floor, and the player has to jump accordingly to avoid coming in contact with hot lava.

Besides this new and improved version of the video game, Apple has also showcased a couple of other important uses of the scanner to the journalists. The Shapr3D CAD app has been upgraded, and it can now scan to make a 3D model of rooms in mobile apps. The users can edit this model for adding new objects to the room and take a look at these additions in the context of the real room utilizing AR.

There is another app called the Complete Anatomy that uses the latest scanner for measuring the range of motion your arms have in real-time. Moreover, there is a demo app for IKEA that lets you scan your room and suggests you matching furniture and home accessories that you can place in the room in augmented reality. Apple mentioned that these demos would be added to the existing apps as extra features.

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