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Google announces the cancellation of its I/O 2020 conference

Google announces the cancellation of its I/O 2020 conference
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Google has recently announced complete cancellation of the flagship I/O 2020 conference, adding that even the digital-only events have been called off.

On the I/O website, Google released the declaration that out of the deepest concern for the safety and health of the local communities, employees, and developers, and in keeping with the orders placed by the local Bay Area countries, the company will not be holding any I/O conference this year or continue with even the digital events.

The tech giant also mentioned that, at present, the most crucial thing that everyone needs to pay their attention to is to help people around them deal with the new challenge the world is facing. The company pledged to stay committed towards finding other viable ways of sharing platform updates with people through its community forums and developer blogs.

The news of the cancellation of the biggest technological event from Google, which was scheduled to take place in May, was announced on 3rd of March due to coronavirus taking the shape of a pandemic affecting the world. The company further added that the attendees who were all set to come to the event will get their due refunds, and the ones who had bought tickets for the event of this year will get the option of purchasing a ticket for I/O 2021.

Google I/O also happens to be a major news event of the year as it brings updates about the changes to Android and services such as Google Maps. The annual conferences of other tech giants like Salesforce, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, and Apple have either been postponed or cancelled for the year. Going by the estimates of the data intelligence companies, the economic loss from such tech event cancellation has now surpassed $1.1 billion.

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