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Netflix establishes a coronavirus relief fund worth $100 million

Netflix establishes a coronavirus relief fund worth $100 million
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Netflix has set up a hundred million dollars relief fund for the workers in the creative community worldwide, who have been hit by the effects of CoVID-19. The outbreak of the virus has halted the production work for most of the television and film projects. The chief creative officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, issued a statement that said Netflix is grateful to the community that has been with them through the best times, and now the company wants to give them the support back during the hard times, given the fact that the governments are still deliberating on the possible economic support to be provided.

Most of the funds will go in the support of the hardest hit workers involved in the productions of Netflix all over the world. Netflix has decided to supplement about two weeks’ worth of payment to the crew and cast of the suspended projects.

In a bid to support the film and television industry at large, fifteen million dollars from this fund will go to the nonprofit organizations and third parties who are offering emergency assistance to the jobless crew members in the countries where Netflix has a considerably large production base.

The company has decided to donate a million dollars each to the Actors Fund Emergency Assistance, the Motion Picture and Television Fund, and the SAG-AFTRA Covid-19 Disaster Fund in the USA, and a million dollars is to be divided between the Fondation des Artistes and the AFC. Netflix will be offering such relief measures to Asia, Latin America, and Europe, as well, and the details regarding the funding to these places are yet to be disclosed.

Sarandos added that the events taking place are unprecedented, but the company gets its strength from its workers, and thus, it’s grateful to be able to offer some help to them.

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