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Nintendo Mini Presentation Packed Lots of Surprises for Gamers

Nintendo Mini Presentation Packed Lots of Surprises for Gamers
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Nintendo had a surprise mini presentation on March 26, where they announced several re-releases, new releases, and DLC fighters about to come to Nintendo Switch in the year 2020. The announcement included news about Xenoblade, Smash Bros., and more. So, here’s bringing to you the biggest news and announcements from the mini presentation.

A May 29 release date has been set for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, along with a whole new look given to the gameplay for the impending Switch port.

Good Job, another one of the puzzle games from Nintendo, has the players navigate their way through a virtual office complex by following the animated safety signs. It was released on the day of the announcement itself.

The next fighter for DLC in Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be a part of the fighters from Arms, which would be launched in June. Nintendo is yet to announce who this new character joining the Smash universe is going to be, but as Arms is a first-party fighting game for Nintendo Switch, it is actually a natural choice.

The Star War ports, like Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy will now be available to the Switch from March 26, and later this year, Star Wars Episode I: Racer will also be available on Switch.

After its release on PS4 last year, Catherine: Full Body is finally all set to come to Switch on July 7. This new version is supposed to improve the re-mastered puzzle game that made many users disappointed due to countless glitches.

Finally, the presentation offered another glimpse into the impending Isle of Armor expansion of the Pokémon Sword and Shield, and this one is slated to release this year in June.

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