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Sony Reveals DualSense: The Latest PlayStation 5 Controller

Image Credit – Mystic

The latest PlayStation 5 controller has finally been revealed by Sony in a twitter post on Tuesday. The brand mentioned that it will be shipping the wireless controllers to the game developers at the earliest so that its unique features can be tested by them. Termed as DualSense, Sony further said that the popular features of the DualShock 4 have been retained, along with new features, functions, and a new design that has been added. 

The PlayStation team clarified it further in their blog post that they have taken into account the haptic feedback that adds a number of powerful sensations a gamer feels at the time of playing. Imagine feeling that slow grit of a car that is being driven through mud. Speaking about the latest features, the team said that they have included adaptive triggers in the R2 and L2 buttons of the DualSense. So, the gamers can now actually feel the tension of their actions, such as when they are drawing a bow to shoot the arrows.

The team also added that they have altered the angles of the hand triggers for making the controller easier to handle and they have also worked on improving the grip. They have reduced the weight of the latest controller and tweaked the technology to make the battery last longer. Sony even put in an in-built microphone array to let the gamers talk to their friends at the time of playing.

The create button has taken the place of the share button. The PlayStation team believes that the create button will help the gamers in creating new and amazing gameplay content to show the world and also enjoy it themselves.

DualSense is slated to be released during the holiday season this year, and it apparently takes about $450 to make one.

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