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A Good Viewing Distance for LED Screen

After getting to know about the method of application and an appropriate environmental conditions, the last yet an important consideration is the viewing distance. It is necessary for the person to determine can a suitable distance so as to figure out the pixel pitch accordingly. Keep in mind that this information is necessary otherwise there would not be the desired visual clarity.

The rule of thumb is to go for a pixel pitch (measured in mm) with respect to the viewing distance (measured in m). for instance, a 4m viewing distance requires LED display screen to be 4mm max. Ideally, buyers should go for small pixel pitch like 1mm so that there will be optimum visual clarity. If someone decides to go for higher pixel pitch i.e. 10mm, then the image will be pixelated.

To calculate the appropriate pixel pitch, use this formula:

Viewing distance (minimum in meter) = Pixel pitch (mm)

Pixel pitch (mm) x 3 x 1000 = Optimal viewing distance (mm)

Apart from the pixel pitch option, power consumption is another considerable factor. Buyers must know electricity consumption by LED display screen before buying since every type or product gives a different result. For that, they have to pay attention of the power requirements of each pixel and calculate the total amount according to the number of pixels in the screen.

With high contrast level, superior brightness level and cost effectiveness, LEDs are capable of bringing the best out of themselves without suffering from burns like LCD video walls. Even, they are way better in calibration as compared to LCDs because when LCDs are arranged in an array, chances are high that one of them give different color balance than the others. So, all in all, LCDs cannot meet the expectations and therefore, LEDs have got the position!

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