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Is Air Conditioner Necessary For Outdoor LED Screen

Is Air Conditioner Necessary For Outdoor LED Screen

This is a good question but difficult to simply answer yes or no.

As the LED display technology goes, normally we do not need air conditioner system for the outdoor LED screen except the extreme installation environment. LED screen is very sensitive to the heat and working enviroment. For outdoor LED screen of permanent installation in tropical area or extreme hot climate areas like Middle east, with air conditioner, the screen can work in adequate temperature to avoid overheating and other relative problems to get longer lifespan and much less maintenance.

Below with a reference list to show how much cooling(BTU) we need for the LED screen base on the sizes.

SQM of LED Screen Sq. Ft of the space BTU/H (Cooling Capacity)
9-14 100-150 5000
14-23 150-250 6000
23-28 250-300 6500
28-33 300-350 7250
33-38 350-400 8000
38-41 400-450 8750
41-46 450-500 9650
46-51 500-550 10500
51-65 550-700 12500
65-93 700-1000 15000
93-111 1000-1200 17700
111-149 1200-1600 19000-24000
149-167 1600-1800 24000-27000
167-260 1800-2800 27000-33000

There are other factors need to be considered if we go with air conditioner system.

1. The cost of adding air conditioning system
2. The cost of the structure of air conditioning system
2. The cost of more power consumption
4. The assembly and maintenance cost

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