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Interesting Facts About The Right Water Quality And Temperature To Brew Flavorful Coffee

Lucky are those who get the opportunity to take a sip of a steaming hot cup of coffee right after waking up and before going to bed at night. Even some individuals love binge-drinking coffee throughout the day. Despite the presence and availability of various types of hot beverages, according to most people, especially college students and working individuals, the fondness for coffee is something quite noteworthy.

Being a coffee lover, if you are planning to make a purchase of a coffee maker such as aeropress, there are a few things you should know well before brewing your first homemade coffee. Choosing the right quality water and maintaining the accurate temperature are keys to preparing super flavorful coffee at home.

Here are some essential facts about the right water quality and temperature you need to take care of if you really want to brew steaming hot coffee that looks great and tastes extremely delicious.

Eliminate Iron And Chlorine

Until your tap water cools to its lowermost temperature, let it run for a few seconds to get rid of iron and chlorine present in the water. Otherwise, the tap water would have a peculiar odor or taste. The water tastes fresh if you allow the tap run for sometimes before you start brewing coffee.

Use Cold Water

You will be able to prepare smooth, rich, and super tasty coffee if you use cold water instead of hot water. Also, remember that using softened or distilled water will only deteriorate the authentic flavor of the coffee.

Below Boiling Point

When it comes to brewing coffee at home, try to keep the temperature below the boiling point. Wait for a minute before you pour hot water over ground coffee beans in your press pot. Remember that too hot water will draw out bitter-tasting oils from coffee beans, and too cold water will not let the beans exude the real flavor.

Right Temperature

When it comes to brewing appetizing coffee at home, make sure that the optimal temperature is 195 degrees F to 205 degrees F. Serve coffee when the temperature drops anywhere between 145 degrees F to 175 degrees F to ensure that the coffee retains its flavor.

Brewing Time

The time it takes to brew coffee depends on the method you resort to. Drip coffee makers pour hot water over the ground coffee beans, which take only a couple of minutes to seep through. A French Press takes nearly 3 to 4 minutes to brew coffee. When you use aeropress, all you need to do is depress the plunger to allow the water to pass through the filtered ground coffee to ultimately brew coffee only in 30 seconds.

You will be able to brew super flavourful coffee for yourself and your family members and guests when you have a coffee maker at home, and you develop a fair brewing idea. Only remember that choosing the right quality water and maintaining the right temperature is essential for brewing delectable coffee.

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