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What Are The Facts To Know About A Subdivision Certificate

A subdivision certificate is a document that certifies that the subdivision plan has reached completion as per the right development consent or the required CDC (complying development certificate), in the case of the complying development. The certificate also authorizes the registration part of the subdivision plan for lodgment with the NSW Land and Property Information. It is different than a strata certificate. A strata certificate is the certificate that is needed when you want to develop or subdivide land. Given below are the important facts to know about a subdivision certificate.

The Role Played By The Registered Certifier Or Consent Authority

The subdivision certificate gets issued by the consent authority (which in most cases is the council) in the given instances:

1.The consent authority, where the subdivision has the development consent, or,

2.The council, where the council itself becomes the consent authority or the subdivision does not require development consent (exempt development),

3.The prescribed person (any person acting on behalf of the Crown) or the Crown, where the subdivision gets carried out on behalf of or by the prescribed person, or,

4.A registered certifier, where an Environmental Planning Instrument identifies the subdivision as the one that might be authorized by the registered certifier or for the subdivision that includes subdivision works (consider Section 6.5(3) of the EP&A Act). You would also need to know more about subdivision costs.

Before the subdivision certificate gets issued, the registered certifier or the relevant consent authority has to get satisfied that the matters stated in Section 6.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 have been covered.

Preparing Your Subdivision Certificate Application

The application for the subdivision certification might only get made by the landowner or any of the other people with the consent of the owner of the land (in writing). You will need a complete set of documentation to get the certification at the right subdivision costs.

Let’s give you an example of a few of the documents you’ll need. You will need a subdivision plan, along with a copy of the development consent in case the development application gets lodged or the CDC in case it was permitted under Complying Development. A copy of any subdivision construction certificate or subdivision works certificate would also be required. You should also get a copy of the evidence of compliance and an operative development consent with all conditions needed to get fulfilled before issuing the subdivision certificate.

Make sure you have the full list of all the documents with you so that you can get all the things ready without a glitch. Research beforehand to know more about getting a subdivision certificate.

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