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Lifestyle Of Gardeners – Marching Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

The lifestyle of an urban gardener is really more of a life spent in harmony with nature. So what does a gardening lifestyle means to you? The following articles offer a wealth of advice on different facets of gardening from a more holistic perspective. Whether it’s planting for yourself, your family, or as a small-scale, self-sufficient gardening operation for profit, or some hybrid combination, sustainable living is central to an urban gardener’s lifestyle. Learn more about sustainable living and get started today.

Gardening, like any other hobby or recreational activity, can become addicting, especially if it becomes a part of your daily routine. While the basic act of gardening itself is not all that addictive, the act of growing crops or flowers requires a great deal of determination, patience, and hard work. You will also be investing a great deal of time and energy cultivating these crops and flowers, whether you grow your own food, sell your organic produce, or use an outdoor garden that offers a range of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers for sale. And let’s not forget about all the beautiful flowers and plants, you’ll collect over the course of your gardening career.

For most urban dwellers, the act of gardening is usually part of a larger, group-oriented lifestyle. Gardening may involve growing food and plants in one’s backyard, on a patio, deck, patio garden, or street side yard; attending gardening clinics and seminars; and joining home gardening groups and forums on the Internet and in town. These activities connect urban gardeners with each other and the resources they need to create and maintain a self-sustaining and social capital within the gardening community. In this way, urban gardening forms a vital social capital for many gardeners who live in apartments or have limited access to “natural” gardening supplies.

Urban gardening is the “in” thing today. Many people consider their yards and gardens the center of their social life and quality of life. As a result, many urban dwellers are adding statues, landscaping and flowers to their yards to enhance their lifestyle and make their gardens an even more integral part of their personal lives. But some gardeners are hesitant to venture outside their homes, fearful that this type of gardening might be seen as unsophisticated or uncool. Fortunately, there are plenty of avenues for urban gardening, both inside and out the home.

Inside the home, there are several avenues for expanding gardening into the Lifestyle. One of these options is the White House gardening project. The White House garden is an offshoot of the president’s gardening lifestyle initiatives designed to promote healthy living. Although the White House gardens were started in the residence, they have since expanded to include two greenhouses on the Ellipse near the west lawn of the White House.

Outdoor gardening has also recently taken off with many clubs and organizations across the country dedicated to this trend. One of these groups, the Outdoor Arts and Garden Club, meets weekly in Washington, D.C. For those who don’t live in the District, there are similar groups in major cities throughout the United States. Memberships in these groups are almost always free and often welcome to attend meetings, especially when it comes to discussing the latest trends in outdoor landscape gardening. The ultimate goal of these groups is to create a safe, open and welcoming environment for outdoor recreation and leisure.

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