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How To Avoid Security Holes In Cpanel Hosting

The cpanel hosting is a popular Linux based hosting which has a dedicated control panel to manage the website elements and server parameters. It is a user-friendly interface that enables you to create and modify elements such as email, database, file management and domains with just a single click. Since cpanel runs in an open source software such as Linux, you can have modifications as you like. These modifications include having multiple administration access to users. This may look like good feature but it may make our data vulnerable.

Cheap cpanel hosting service providers want to give seamless website performance and get full customer satisfaction. That is why they provide cpanel to their customers to manage and administer all the services in the administrative end. Because server administration is a highly technical task and requires the hosting service provider to involve in simple matters pertaining to the server. But a cpanel enables the user to act as administrator and perform server level modifications from the user end itself. Therefore, a cpanel must be secured properly to avoid any vulnerability among the users and protect the servers from any malfunction and threats from attackers.

How To Ensure Security With Cpanel Hosting?

There are certain parameters you must ensure with a cpanel hosting when you are using it so that there are no security breaches in it. The first thing you must ensure is to have unique passcodes. Cpanel users face security breach due to this weakness in passcodes. Users must ensure having an alphanumeric password setting with minimum of eight characters to avoid security breach in the future. The next thing users can do is to enable a secure SSH. The Secured Socket Shell security is crucial to safeguard from any suspicious activity. If you come across any suspicious activity, you must transfer SSH to another port which can protect you from random search by cons.

The next important thing to secure in a cpanel hosting is the Apache server. There are particular modules for the Apache server to safeguard it from malicious attacks which can be installed as add ons in the cpanel interface. Some web hosting providers ask you to compile apache with the PHP. This helps in identifying the users running the PHP scripts on the server. Finally, securing the temporary partitions in the cpanel will secure you from almost all of the potential threats from the attackers.

These are some of the weak areas in the cpanel and solving these less secure areas will enable you to use the interface with safety. It helps you to protect your data and other data hosted on the server and safeguard it from hackers.