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Help Desk Vs Telephone Support

Almost all the companies have a help desk. Some affluent companies provide both help desk and telephone support. But if you are small company and can afford only any one of these two, which one would you select? For that you need some technical knowledge about what both could offer and what are the pros and cons in either of them. This way you can choose the appropriate service for your company. Generally, it is recommended to have both of these services because of the nature of issues that may rise at any moment. Being a company, there can be many things happening in the business and we cannot say everything will go as planned. So, there comes a need where we need to have an emergency plan for every possible issue that we may face.

Having both the services is like having a contingency plan. If one of them fails to resolve an issue the other might. Anyways you must know the workings and key differences between these two services. Here we are talking about these two services due to its popularity. Many companies use these two services and run their businesses seamlessly. Therefore, let us understand what these two services might offer.

Help Desk

This service demands the users to send a message to their emails or a dedicated application regarding the issues they are facing. This act of sending email is called as raising a ticket. If a user raises a ticket regarding some issues they are facing, the help desk will resolve the issue in a certain period of time and respond back to them. Usually, this type of service is used only to resolve some critical issues that might require revisions and compatibility check. You cannot have an issue solved immediately through this system unless you escalate it with an emergency code. The help desk will check with the situation and resolve it accordingly. This system is great to resolve an issue permanently and there is a very little chance of getting back to it.

Telephone Support

This popular service is evident in many companies and it has proven to be an excellent support service. You can call the support team and get your things done immediately. But unlike help desk, telephone support mostly guides us to resolve the issue than doing the deed. If the support service has the authorization, they might be able to do it. But in an outsource IT support, it is not possible. Therefore, only quickly resolvable issues are perfect in this service.

These are the things help desk and telephone support can do. And we have elaborated on some of the key differences in them which will be very useful while choosing a service.