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Components Of Web Hosting

Web hosting has become a popular choice for branding and marketing a company’s business. Also, there are many businesses that run only with the help of a website. Therefore, it is important to know the various technical components that make up a hosting. This is important if you are a beginner to the IT world. You must be able to choose the correct web hosting service provider and the correct plan that can meet your demands. If you lack the knowledge of how a web hosting works, then it is tough to choose the right option.

For example, without the technical knowledge you might be confused when your hosting provider tells you about offshore vps and dedicated hosting. Therefore, to avoid this confusion, it is best to know about the various components that helps in building a web hosting service. Let us understand the different components of web hosting that are core to its process. This means that without any one of these components it is impossible to perform web hosting. Therefore, we shall see those core components.

Important Parts Of Web Hosting

The first and foremost component of web hosting is the Web server. Without a server you cannot host a website nor a person can view your website. It is the place where files are stored, transferred and accessed. Using a unique web address which was obtained using the DNS system, anyone in the world can view your website from a web browser. Speaking of a web browser, it is the next important part of web hosting. Web browser helps you to view and control the host account with the assistance from applications from your host account provider.

The next part of web hosting is the FTP client. This allows you to manipulate the folders of the host account and give access to them from your computer. Also, you can transfer files from your computer to the host account with the help of this FTP client. All these data must be store in a place from where it can be dynamically accessed. This is the Database server. It helps us to store a large amount of data and allows users to search and view the data. Sometimes, database servers can also gather visitor’s data such as viewers traffic, feedback, etc. Apart from this, a web page editor helps you to design and edit your web site pages according to your need. There are many applications for it mostly provided by the hosting provider itself.

These are some of the fundamental components of web hosting everyone must know so that they can demand their service provider to provide them with the necessary tools and features for their web hosting.