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The Unique Features Of Videowall

Have you ever witnessed a group of screens fitted like tiles on to a wall and displaying a single large picture of high resolution? Yes! This is called as the videowall. A videowall is a unique technology that has some distinct features which no other technology has. There are large single screens like digital signages but they are widely used by any one to advertise their products. But videowalls are quite different and unique in their purpose. Let us understand the structure of a videowall which will give a better insight to its purpose.

Before getting into that, it is important for consumers to know their needs properly so that they may choose the right type of product. You cannot waste lot of money for devices or products that can serve only a part of your purpose. Or you cannot buy a product that will under serve you purposes. Therefore, every consumer must know their needs, the specifications they require and the purpose it is going to serve. Only then they would be able to consume better. You can save those money for buying more useful things. With that said, let us get into the structure of a videowall.

Videowall – The Structure And Purpose

A Videowall consists of group of screens that are high in resolution, a videowall controller and a software. The group of displays are of LED or LCD type with a unique presentation. They are fitted together in different shapes and modes that help them to display an image or video in that mode. The shapes need not to be in 2-D. They can also be in 3-D with different sizes. Next comes the processing unit of the videowall. This is also called as the videowall controller which helps us to manage, store and optimize the contents that are to be shown in the display. It helps in processing the images or videos that will be displayed on the screens. Since the images are of higher resolution, it will take lot of processing power. Also, the controller has to feed all the screens with content which takes lot of energy. A videowall controller is usually a separate device that is connected to the displays and software.

The next important part is the software. The software is usually loaded onto a separate group of systems in order to render the images and fed into the controller for processing and display. You can check out more about the videowall converter here

This videowall is mainly used in places where there is a need to look at images at higher resolution. That means you can see an image in an extrapolated manner with clarity in a video wall.