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LIP© Ladies In Power Podcast

Only a woman can understand the sufferings of another woman. This statement is very true. Lady Charlotte has understood this and has started this wonderful organization which connects women around the globe to empower them. The main aim of this movement is to motivate women around the world and help them to find their inner power. Women should not be considered weak or timid. They should be respected, honoured and cherished. Those who are suffering from any type of problem can get help from LIP. Lady Charlotte has a podcast in the same name which conducts motivational shows and interviews of famous celebrities.

Women can be witnessed in almost all organizations. Also, you can find them at key positions running the business single handed. Ladies in Power podcast brings these successful women together to help other women who are in need of guidance and advice. It hosts shows with successful celebrities and industrial giants who can share their experience in the path towards success. It is well known that all the paths to success have hardship and requires an intense struggle to reach our goal. Those who have achieved that success can provide some guidelines and advices on how to tackle them. This is where LIP comes into play. It helps women to connect with different personalities and get motivation from the life.

What Does LIP Do For Women?

Being a woman, you might be struggling to get the right type of guidance to manage your work and family. LIP helps you to gain the confidence and train you to balance between your business and life. It organizes women around the globe to share their life experiences, struggle to achieve and other hardships they faced on the road to fame. It teaches that a woman has the strength to face any kind of hardship and can easily solve all kinds of problem.

Lady Charlotte, the founder of LIP, is a mother of five children and is successfully running several businesses. Her life story is a great motivation to all the women struggling to achieve something in their life. She is also an ambassador for the shelter for homeless women project. From her past experiences she realised that women need such organizations to help themselves and can live the life as they like. They should be independent and achieve whatever they like without any trouble. With this motive in mind, LIP is progressing effectively. With its podcast, it has inspired millions of women with self-confidence and motivation.

You can follow the wonderful woman Lady Charlotte through her Instagram page @itsladycharlotte to know more about LIP and its vision. Join hands with this organization to get empowered along with other women.