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What are the tips for storing your luxury car in the winter?

The owners of luxury and classic cars know that fall is one of the saddest times of the year because it marks the end of the driving season. Everyone who has a hobby about cars stores their special ride as the winter arrives to spare it from the harshness of the cold months.

However, you cannot put your favorite vehicle at just any place you want. You have to keep it in a proper storage place, and the following tips will help you in storing your car properly.

Location of the storage

Select a dry and safe building to house the car during the winter. A home garage would work fine for this purpose. You can also shift your car elsewhere if you are looking for a safer place than the home garage.

The storage facility needs to have concrete flooring and not bare earth resembling a barn. Climate controlling is not an important criterion for such storage places, but it must at least be free from excess moisture.

Check the engine oil

Pull out the dipstick to see the engine oil. Change it before putting the car in storage if you have reached the limit of mileage ad you see the dipstick looking dirty. You can also wait till spring comes and start the engine with fresh oil.

Kilometers used are the most important criterion for engine oil. Modern oil that is mostly synthetic does not stay stable for one year in the car engine. Fogging the engine is not important until you are planning to store the car for longer than one year.

Clean the car properly

Wash the car completely and check it thoroughly before you park the car in the storage place for the final time. It would be best if you made sure that there are none of the contaminants left on the surface during the time that the car is in storage. Such contaminants can damage the outer and inner parts of the vehicle. Visit here to know about used truck dealer Tempe.

Go to the gas station for one last time after washing the car to take the water out from the crevices. Fill up the gas tank and also add the fuel stabilizer. Make the car run for at least five minutes to let the stabilizer run through the entire fuel system. You can then take the car to vehicle storage.