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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Digital, Interactive Whiteboard

We taught in the computer lab at school using a smartboard. A SMARTboard, in essence, converts your digital projector or LCD projector picture into an interactive whiteboard on which you may write.

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The SMART Board is a large touch-sensitive Smartboard Panel that is linked to your computer. You use your digital projector to show your computer screen on the SMARTboard, and the software enables you to interact with it.

As more school districts and instructors invest in data projectors, the issue of whether SMART Boards are a smart investment arises. After all, an intuitive touch interface combined with the capacity to write on digital documents (using digital ink) would enable us to get beyond blackboards, flip chart sheets, and overhead projectors.


The touch board on the SMART Board allows you to operate any application. Instead of working from behind a computer keyboard, you (or your pupils) may interact with the display from the front of the classroom.

To write in digital ink on apps, web pages, or moving videos, use any of the four marker colors or the eraser. If you lose the pens, the SMARTboard will still function. (There are four different colored pen holders and one eraser.) When you remove the pen from the slot, it picks the color or eraser. When you touch the screen, the specified color or the eraser is used.)

You may store your work into a notebook file, like with other digital ink software apps, and you can convert handwriting to text.


It was difficult to write. The fact that a SMART Board is a front-mounted projection screen is the greatest letdown with digital ink. This implies your data projector is positioned in front of the screen (like an overhead projector). That is, if you stand between the projector and the screen, you will create a shadow on the screen… just where you are attempting to write. Sure, touching the screen to interact with programs was fascinating, but writing notes was difficult since you were always obstructing the display.

It’s difficult to write elegantly. To be honest, the way our handwriting appeared on the SMART Board was a bit underwhelming. Although it was better than our previous encounters with digital pens (such as the i-pen), the handwriting was still big, blocky, and sloppy. One thing you must learn yourself not to do is lean on the SMART Board.

When writing on a blackboard or whiteboard, you usually rest your hand on the board’s edge. On a touch screen, the pointer moves to your palm and the operation fails. You must teach yourself to just write with the tip of the pen. The marker worked well for underlining or circling essential concepts, but it would be difficult to edit or modify a 12-point, double-spaced Word document with the requisite control.

You must still go back and forth between the keyboard and the screen. We could launch our web browser by tapping the SMARTboard, but when it came time to key in the website address, we had to return to the desk.

You must provide your own data projector. A fresh, good projector will cost between $500 and $1000. The SMART Board is just a large touchpad. To show the picture on the smartboard, you must supply your own projector. (Software, wires, and a stand are included). You may check Smartboard Malaysia to start your project.

You may want to consider upgrading to a wireless connection ($199 USD) to get rid of the cords and tripping risks in the classroom. The screen picture and the SMART Board touch screen may become misaligned. When you attempt to click a button, the mouse cursor moves a few inches to the side. You’ll have to readjust your gear, which will cause the lesson to be disrupted.

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