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What are the Different Types of Lawyers

A lawyer is a licensed professional who helps you in giving advice and represents individuals or organizations in legal matters. Depending on the type of law and specialty they practice; a lawyer represents a client in civil or criminal court and helps the client to write a will. When you are trying to find a perfect lawyer to help you to solve your specific legal problem, you should realize the different types of lawyers.

Types of Lawyers:

The following are the types of lawyers and make sure they have enough experience to handle the specific situation. The different types are as follows.

Bankruptcy Lawyer:

These types of lawyers are the best experts in the bankruptcy codes and help in handling the insolvency issues for several individuals or corporations. They are specializing in either consumer or commercial bankruptcy. In consumer bankruptcy, they represent individuals or creditors, meanwhile, in commercial they represent corporate creditors or debtors. Bankruptcy lawyers help you in navigating solutions for financial restructurings, valuation disputes, and plan confirmations.

Corporate Lawyer:

Corporate lawyers handle the legal matters for the business and ensure all the company transactions occur within the scope of your state and federal laws. They’re also known as corporate lawyers. These corporate lawyers will help you with the issues related to your corporation compliance issues. Business lawyers may conduct legal research, write and revise legal documents, and negotiate contracts.

Personal Injury Lawyer:

Personal injury lawyers provide legal representation to individuals who have been injured in an auto accident. A well-experienced lawyer like Buena Park injury lawyer specializes in obtaining compensation in the form of damages for injuries which is caused by the other parties.

Estate Planning Lawyer:

The estate planning lawyers specialize in wills and trusts and help you to draw up a will on your assets. They provide legal advice and assistance to the clients. They ensure the client’s assets passing both inside and outside of the will are handled correctly. Also, they ensure that the tax and legal issues are addressed properly. Estate planning lawyers help clients to evaluate their assets and liabilities and aid them in making excellent decisions.

Tax Lawyer:

Tax lawyers help you to understand the ins and outs of tax laws and regulations. They work in various settings, which include corporations, law firms, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and accounting firms. The main responsibilities of the tax lawyer include tax planning, interpreting the tax laws, and providing advice on the tax issue you face.

Criminal Lawyer:

When someone has been charged with a crime, the criminal lawyer is the perfect type for this situation. This criminal defense lawyer also works as a public defender or as a private attorney. They are very knowledgeable in dealing with criminal law issues related to bail, arraignment, arrest, pleas, etc.


There are many different types of lawyers available for various services in the legal marketplace nowadays. When you are looking for legal help make sure to select the correct type of lawyer who is having enough experience.

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