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5 Marketing Strategies to Help Your Construction Company Stand Out

Your construction company may experience a marketing plateau at some point. You feel like you’ve tried everything and are at a loss for new ways to create leads.

This is especially frustrating if the lull in lead generation coincides with your competitors crushing it. But don’t worry — there are many marketing strategies you can try to not only get your company back in the game, but ahead of it. They’re all beneficial for different reasons, but they’re all proven to give you an advantage in the industry. Here are five great marketing strategies to help your construction company stand out from the crowd:

Consider Account-Based Marketing.

Account-based marketing is the way to go if your construction company wants to improve its marketing efforts while also shortening its sales cycle.

Account-based marketing is a strategic marketing tactic that focuses on creating highly targeted marketing campaigns aimed at a few “big-fish” accounts that you know are your ideal customers.

It may appear to be a difficult process based on that definition. I assure you, it is not. It actually simplifies things considerably. You’re probably already aware of some of your ideal clients as an experienced construction company. You’ll select a few of them and create marketing campaigns — complete with email marketing, ad campaigns, and more — to directly target each one.

Make and Keep a User-Friendly Website

Say it with me: websites aren’t simply glorified brochures. Your website is often the first place prospective clients go to learn more about your business and its goods or services. As a result, it should be well-designed and provide exactly what they’re looking for. If it is simply treated as a photo catalog, any potential leads will most likely close the tab and move on.

Understand the Basics of Social Media Marketing

Many construction companies avoid social media for various reasons. Do the opposite if you want to stand out. If your target audience is on social media (believe me, they are!), you probably should be too. Strong and consistent social content can assist you in engaging with them, raising brand awareness, and generating leads.

Implement Attractive Content Marketing

Implementing a content marketing strategy can appear to be a big step for construction firms. It could be something you’ve never heard of before, or something you’re wary of. It’s more difficult to trust something intangible than something like paid advertising. But believe me when I say it’s well worth it.

Adopt a Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth marketing is an excellent strategy to get your construction firm on the same page. It works so effectively because everyone is on the same page and no time or money is spent on activities that aren’t related to your company’s objectives. It all begins with establishing what success looks like in your organization. Do you want to increase your sales? Develop more relationships? Expand? Hire to get your company’s name out there.

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