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How Much Cost it will take for Knockdown and Rebuild

Knockdown and rebuilds are more popular among homeowners because it doesn’t need you to go away from your beloved neighborhood. Cost-effective and time efficient make this process more popular and successful rather than renovating your existing home. Renovating your house may result in more intimidating and carries a lot of risks of unforeseen budget, disruptions, and constructive problems. So, many homeowners choose the knockdown and rebuild process in order to achieve their dream home.

A knockdown rebuild involves demolishing your existing home and building it from the scratch in your own place. The demolition process will involve leveling the block and getting rid of all the structures on it. The vacant land is then used for building your new home completely from the scratch.

Knockdown rebuild Sydney is proven to be very cheaper per square meter than renovations and extensions of your existing home. The company you choose is ready to conduct the site reports, inspections, and surveys in order to determine the exact cost. Once these works get completed, they provide a fixed price along with a few provisional allowances to ensure the full scope of works.

Expenses for the knockdown and rebuild depend on the size of the current home and the home you wish to build. It is important to understand the different kinds of costs that you will encounter throughout the entire process.

The average cost to demolish your house is from $6000 to $25000. You cannot build your dream home without demolishing your old one. This includes the size of your property, the foundation of your home, equipment type, trees, pest removal, permit costs, etc.

Once your land is cleared and ready for rebuilding. The main cost for rebuilding your home depends on the size of your new home, materials, home designs, and the décor and fittings you choose for your home. The average rebuilding cost for the house which is sized 3000 sqft can range from $120000 to $525000.

You can also save your money during the demolition process by recycling the materials you used in your old home. Materials such as timbers and terracotta tiles can be worth the money, and you can resell them. Also, some materials like doors, windows, fixtures, etc can be reusable and you can use them for your newly built home.


If you don’t have a significant amount of time for renovating your home, knockdown and rebuild may be a better option. A newly constructed home is more efficient than a renovated home and a knockdown rebuild will allow you to build your dream home without moving away from your beloved locality.

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