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How Self-Destructing Messages are Different from Normal Messages

Self-destructing messages are messages that can disappear automatically from the conversations when the timer you set for them runs out. When hackers look for a way to access your private information, keeping your secrets safe is more important. If you want to send a self-destructing message rather than normal texts, consider using a Pirvnota online service. You can be able to send a privat note message and the messages got deleted automatically after some time. Pirvnota is a great way to share your sensitive information and prevent others from snooping into your conversation.

How are Self-Destructing Messages Different from Normal Messages?

The following are some of the benefits of self-destructing text messages.

More Secure:

Self-destructing messages provide more security than normal traditional messages. This type of message exists only for a shorter period of time, and it doesn’t allow others to read your message later. Self-destructing messages are suitable for sharing sensitive information such as passwords, login credentials, etc.

Can’t Able to Forward:

Another advantage of self-destructing messages is that they can’t be able forwarded, unlike normal traditional texts. This will make you more confident about sending a confidential message to your recipient and they will only see your message. But with normal texts, there is always a risk that anyone can be able to forward your message to others without your knowledge.

Not Able to Copy Your Texts:

You can’t be able to copy the self-destructing message like the normal texts. Normal traditional messages are easy to copy the text content and you can send it through a different platform. The recipient can only able to see the message for a shorter period of time before it gets disappears.

Not Able to Take Screenshots:

It is impossible to take screenshots of your self-destructing text. This means that the recipient can’t be able to save your messages or share them with others. But in traditional text, taking a screenshot and sharing it with others is very easy.

Able to Delete a Message After Some Specific Time:

This is one of the best features of self-destructing messages. In this, you can set the timer for the message to delete. This helps in giving the enough confidence that your message will only exist for a time you want. This is impossible in normal traditional messages, and it doesn’t have any options to control how long you want your message to existing.

Save Phone Storage Space:

Self-destructing messages are having the ability to delete the messages after being read by the recipients so that it doesn’t take up any space on your phone. But for the traditional texts, it can take more storage space on your device until you delete them manually.


Self-destructing messages can make your communication more secure, and it is the best way to keep your secrets safe. If you want to send a privat note to someone, self-destructing messages from Pirvnota are the perfect option.

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