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Are Flyers an Effective Marketing Tool in 2022

Direct mail marketing generates 29% of the company’s return on investment. It proves that the traditional methods of marketing are still making wonders in improving the business. Flyers, business cards, and marketing letters are some of the direct mail marketing types. This helps you to establish communication with your customers personally and give responses to their questions.

Flyers are the type of advertisement where all the information is present on a single sheet of paper. Most business use flyer marketing to increase awareness of the business and make the brand identity with minimal effort.

Flyers are considered the best effective marketing tool even in this modern world. They are still considered valuable as they were in old times. Nowadays, 34% of businesses reported positive responses to door-dropping flyers, and in that 5% of people take a look at the flyer when left it on their doors.

Flyers can be distributed in two different ways.

Addressed Mail: Addressed flyers are more effective and the report state that around 57% of people are likely to open the flyer sent through this type. 8% of the people will open it within the 28-day time period and 24% people will keep the flyer to read later.

Door Drops: Another type of distributing the flyer is to drop it at the door in front of the customer’s home. 65% of the people received the door drop flyers to make them read or at least take a look. Remaining are kept aside or recycled and the flyers are not going anywhere out from the customer’s home until they throw them away.

Flyers are used as the best marketing tool also in the modern internet age. The following are some of the benefits of using flyers as a marketing tool.

Easy to Read:

Flyers are easy to read and can store for future use. This is because they are smaller in size and contain only important information. Even if the reader takes a look at your business flyer, they tend to remember your message and act on it. When you distribute the flyers, you don’t need to enclose them in envelopes in order to increase the chance of being seen by everyone.

Grabs Attention:

Flyer marketing is more popular for its attention-grabbing feature from the customers because of its compact layout, colors, and catchy headlines. You can personalize your business flyers in order to make them more interactive. Also, you can include the contact details of your business that helps the reader what to do after reading the flyer.


Flyer marketing is one of the best affordable marketing strategies to market your business. Also, it increases the sales of your business and builds recognition for your brand.

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