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What to do in New York

One of the biggest and most important cities in the world is New York City. With its extensive history, illustrious monuments, museums, theaters, and ever-changing cityscape, travelers have a ton to see and do. Although there are 50 things to do in New York City, there are a lot more activities and locations we might have included on our list.

The top things to do in New York City are listed below. On your first visit, or even your second or third, don’t expect to see them all. Even after thirty years of yearly trips to New York City, we still haven’t seen some of these locations.

But that’s only one of the many reasons why we like New York City. Every time we come here, we provide instructions on what to do in New York since it is continuously changing.

Times Square

One of the most well-known junctions in the world is Times Square. The intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue draws 50 million visitors a year, making it one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the whole globe.

This is the most well-known spot in the world to ring in the New Year since millions of people congregate here every New Year’s Eve to witness the ball drop. Times Square is nearly as packed the other 364 days of the year, when street performers put on performances and tourists from all over the globe marvel at the millions of lights that decorate the neon billboards.

Check out Central Park

The nicest thing to do in New York City is to take a walk around Central Park. It is a lovely area to relax after strolling through the hectic downtown streets and is free to visit. One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide is Central Park. As one of the most often used filming sites worldwide.

A horse-drawn carriage trip is a pretty touristic option, but you can also just meander around the park on your own two feet, hire bikes, and cycle around it a few times. Just outside the park, there are several locations to rent bikes. One block south of the park, between 5th and 6th Avenue, is where we have the most success.

In the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building held this title until the World Trade Center was completed in 1970. It is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and was built in 1931. The Empire State Building draws tourists and has been in a lot of motion pictures. The list is extensive, but the most well-liked movies include Superman II, King Kong, An Affair to Remember, Elf, and Sleepless in Seattle.

The Empire State Building offers more than simply a fantastic view of the city. Additionally, you will be seeing a historical site and one of the most well-known structures in the whole globe.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is at the top of the list of things to do in New York City for art enthusiasts.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the biggest art museum in the country; its size is measured in acres.

13 acres of top-notch art displays). The permanent collection has more than 2 million pieces of artwork, including pieces from ancient Egypt, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania. A lot of art shows are also available, and they vary often.

Journey to Greenwich Village

The current LGBT movement and the counterculture movements of the 1960s both originated in Greenwich Village. Due to growing property prices and local gentrification, the “bohemian days” have long since passed, yet this is still a fantastic place to explore.

Visit Washington Square Park, walk down Bleeker Street, browse for vintage apparel, dine at Bleeker Street Pizza, and see if you can locate both the Friends apartment and Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City among other things to do in Greenwich Village.

Get a View from the Edge

One of the most recent additions to the Manhattan observation decks is The Edge. This sky terrace, perched 100 storeys above the streets, provides breathtaking views of Manhattan. The glass floor, which allows you to see far below into the city streets, heightens the suspense.

There is an interior and an outdoor observation deck at The Edge. If you want a great perspective of Manhattan without spending a lot of money, the Edge is the finest option among the NYC observation decks since it charges the least for entrance.

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