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What Equipment and Amenities Should You Expect in a Studio Rental

A studio rental can be much more cost-effective than setting up your own home studio. Especially for beginner podcasters who only need to use the equipment for a couple of recording sessions.

However, choosing the right studio can be difficult. There are several things you should look for when choosing a studio to rent.


Lighting is the heart of any studio and can make or break your shot. Look for a studio that has plenty of natural light as well as options to control it. This can mean the ability to use gels, reflectors, and diffusers.

It’s also a good idea to find out if the lighting in the studio is included with the rental price. Some studios will add the cost of any equipment used during your shoot to your bill at the end of your session, which can be a surprise.

A studio can be lit either using natural or artificial light, and many photographers opt for a hybrid approach. However, both methods require time and crew to setup and adjust, so it’s important to consider how much this will impact your budget. Also, check that the studio has reliable high-speed internet as this is increasingly necessary for remote liaising between clients and talent during a shoot.


Many professional studio rentals include an experienced in-house audio engineer who can help you set up your equipment, get comfortable with the control room & recording desk before you begin – a huge advantage over trying to do it yourself! They can also show you the best way to use the equipment & how to get the most out of it, so you and your guests sound your best.

Studios may include this in the standard rental fee or offer it on a per-session basis. They may also have packages for larger bookings of several hours or more to save you time and money.

Podcasts require a unique sound, so it’s important to find a studio that can accommodate your specific needs. Look for a variety of backgrounds and setups, as well as audio options like dynamics processors & effects modules that can change the sound to fit your style. A studio with multiple options can better suit your individual needs and help you create a standout podcast that will be noticed by listeners.


A quality studio rental can save you the cost of purchasing beginner equipment and paying for a monthly gym membership just to use it once or twice. For example, if you only record your music or podcast once a month renting a professional recording studio could make more sense than buying your own mic and putting it in the corner of your home.

Having adequate storage space for supplies, finished pieces, and gear can also be an important consideration. Some artists will need to keep a lot of supplies at the studio for quick access between shoots. Others may prefer a studio that has dedicated storage space to reduce the need for making multiple trips to and from their cars.

Airbnb guests with accessibility needs often search for specific amenities, such as step-free entryways, wider doors and hallways, and accessible-height beds. Providing these features can increase your chances of booking a guest. This will improve the experience for both you and your guests.


A good studio will come with all the equipment you need to execute your creative project. This may include a wide variety of lighting options, backdrops, and even furniture. It will also usually be climate controlled and have a bathroom. This is important for those long photo or video shoots where you can get tired easily and need to rest or take a break.

Depending on the pricing structure, some studios will add the cost of any equipment you use to your total bill. This can be a little confusing and lead to unexpected expenses at the end of your shoot.

Other amenities to look for include clothing racks and a makeup corner to make sure your models are comfortable. If the space is large enough, it should also have plenty of storage for all your props. Lastly, you want the studio to be easy to access for both yourself and your clients. This includes providing parking near the location.