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Apple Ready to Offer Consultants to Teachers to Continue With Online Learning Classes

Apple Ready to Offer Consultants to Teachers to Continue With Online Learning Classes
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Teachers all over the nation had to switch to online resources as the schools started shutting their doors to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the USA. 

A fourth-grade teacher from Jackson County in Michigan, Sammy Brandt, said that the resources that they have at their school are great, but they obviously cannot take those to their home. The change has been a big one for teachers like Brandt, who are used to teaching students in actual physical classrooms. The teachers need to have tons of understanding and patience to tide over the situation. They are neither sure about the things they require, nor do they know about the things available to them for online learning.

Apple has come up with a solution to this problem in the form of making learning specialists available to the teachers who want to deliver free virtual coaching classes. Apple mentioned that it has over a hundred educators with it that can help the teachers, right from K12 to higher education, to have a better understanding of online workflows and learning.

Brandt has even started a pen-pal bonding with the students. She said that a crucial factor that both students and teachers have to face had been accessing. It is an issue that the school districts have had to deal with in various ways, with some involving offering internet access and devices to students through third-party partnerships.

Teachers like Brandt have been slowly opening up to different new kinds of learning avenues, even while knowing that not every student has access to equal amounts of technical resources. Apps like Flipgrid for lesson planning, Flocabulary for making songs out of lessons, and Buncee for creative presentations are gaining popularity.

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