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Amazon Adds More Delivery Capacity amidst a Sudden Surge in Online Grocery Orders

Amazon Adds More Delivery Capacity amidst a Sudden Surge in Online Grocery Orders
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Amazon is trying to improve its delivery capacity and pick up options for the Fresh Grocery services and the Whole Food markets during the times of the Coronavirus pandemic to help more people get access to their food.

The food delivery services like Amazon are getting inundated with orders as the nation has been put on lockdown for the ongoing health crisis. It makes it harder for the grocers to keep up with the rising demands of making essential items go out of stock.

Amazon mentioned in its blog that it has started prioritizing household staples, pantry items, and other such in-demand goods for grocery delivery and grocery stores earlier this week. Limits have been put on the buying quantities of certain products. For the main eCommerce site, Amazon had already started prioritizing medical supplies and household basics for deliveries to the customers and getting shipments into the warehouses.

The company has shut down Amazon Pop Up stores, Amazon 4 star, and Amazon Books till 7th April. Even the convenience store Amazon Go in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago has been shut down till 7th April. The workers in all these stores will continue getting paid during this time.

The biggest online retailer of the world has also levied a couple of changes in the logistics networks, warehouses, and stores amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis. It is constantly trying to respond to this sudden surge in customer orders, and it is making sure that all its locations are sanitized, so neither the customers nor the workers get sick. With almost ten warehouses of Amazon having positive coronavirus cases, the workers have been criticizing the company for not taking steps to protect them.

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