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Apex Legends Hits the 50 Million Mark as it Catches up to Fortnite

Apex Legends Hits the 50 Million Mark as it Catches up to Fortnite
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There is a new game on the block and the players absolutely love it to the core. It has just been a month since its launch, and Apex Legends already has over fifty million players, which breaks a record that was previously held by another battle royale favorite: Fortnite.

The rapidly increasing popularity of the new game has invariably drawn in parallels with Fornite, which has similar gameplay and the same level of fan following. Apex Legends can be downloaded on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms.

Apex Legends attracted over twenty-five million players within just a week of its release. On the other hand, it took Fortnite about two weeks to hit the ten million players’ mark, and three months to get to the fifty million players mark. The popularity of Apex Legends has been further aided by the fact that famous online game streamers like DrDisrespect and Ninja live broadcasted playing the game themselves.

Though Fortnite continues to be immensely popular, the latest update to the gameplay suggests that Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, are not taking its rival casually. It has now added a pinging system for Season 8 to improve communications between players.

Ninja pointed out the major similarities between the games and even took a dig at an attempt at plagiarism. He said that with Fortnite, Apex, and Sea of Thieves all gaining massive popularity, the right stuff to do would be to take the best of these worlds. He joked that all that is needed now is to include a pinging system in Apex and add pirates from the Sea of Thieves!

Fortnite, at present, has over two hundred million players worldwide and is valued at £11.4bn ($15 billion).

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