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The iPhone Redesign is All Set to Launch This Fall with a Host of New Specs

The iPhone Redesign is All Set to Launch This Fall with a Host of New Specs
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The iPhone refresh by Apple this fall might be more than the addition of the 5G features and specification update. The new reports suggest that the two higher-end phones that Apple is all set to launch will have stainless steel edges to bring these iPhones up to the mark with the iPad Pro design that the company launched back in 2018.

The additional details of the iPhone plans of Apple were revealed on Monday. Despite the present conditions, the phones are still on track to be launched during the fall. The previous reports have stated that the company plans to bring out four iPhones during the fall. The higher end of this bunch, which will be a successor to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max of last year, are expected to be getting a redesign. Besides 5G and stainless steel edges, these higher-end models will also get flat screens, unlike the curved edges that are a signature of the present models of iPhones such as the 11 Pro, X, and XS. In fact, one of the cheaper models of the iPhone is also expected to have 5G support.

In terms of the specifications of the iPhone, it was also noted that the new high end models will get three rear cameras, while the cheaper ones will have the usual two rear cameras. The high end ones will also get a lidar sensor such as the one that is in the latest iPad Pro introduced this year. The notches for the Face ID sensor and the front camera will be smaller, and the biggest iPhone screen will also be a bit larger than the presently available 6.5 inches display found on the 11 Pro Max.

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