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What Is A Meaningful Way Of Responding To Requests For Proposals

When a buyer reaches out to you, you would naturally consider it as a good opportunity. He states that he will go through an RFP process and asks you to submit a bid.  What should you do? An intelligent thing to do is to say to them that you don’t do RFPs. What would be good to say? That you’re more interested in engaging diligently and partnering with your clients, in helping them achieve success. You can ask the buyer to do their RFP process and contact you if they don’t find the correct organization. That is if they are keen on having a conversation. And that you will be happy to have a conversation.

What Is The Advice Of Many Consultants On Approaching An RFP?

The approach to an RFP we have discussed above is the advice of many professional consultants. Several of their clients who have responded this way have been contacted by the buyer later. This sort of response raises several questions in the mind of the buyer. They feel that the provider is unique and very confident. They often get back saying that they’re done with the RFP process but are still contemplating what the best here is. They often ask whether they can have a discussion. Next, you discuss their present situation. If you are able to offer real value, you will find most buyers to be receptive. They often say that they are fine with what you are offering and rule out the RFP process. They add that what you are offering as regards product, service, support, engagement, and your track record is convincing for them. And that they are ready to engage with you. However, you are always free to take the help of an rfp consultant.

What Is The Benefit Of This Approach?

A real benefit is that you are relieved of the trouble of having to fill out documents in an attempt to make your case. It would be right to conclude that an RFP is a sort of a bid to win business via a piece of paper. You can’t engage with the eventual buyers and hear their story as to what they want. You are likely to know what’s specified in the RFP, but you can’t hear from or talk to the eventual decision makers. And, that’s just what is essential in practically any situation to have a pure relationship with the buyer.

This approach to RFPs is ideal. However, if you are likely to face RFP after RFP, a premium rfp consultant would be the right way to go.

It’s important to discuss with the people influencing a decision and place queries for identifying the value they want. How do they help? You can offer them a substantial return on investment and get them what they want. You can also get the compensation you deserve for the work that you do.

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