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Smart traders around the world are trying to use their brains to invest their money in a profitable trading instrument. Strong trading currencies can strengthen the economic condition of a country. The volatile nature of a currency can create a negative impact on an economy. For that reason, people are trying to invest in a stable currency to get a fixed return. But some people are risk-takers. They invest their money in the most volatile currencies. The volatility of a currency mainly depends on the economic, political, and social factors of a country.

Importance of currency trading

Currency fluctuations depend on the exchange rate between two currencies. The demand and supply of currencies, the countries’ inflation rate, and the countries’ economic growth rate affect currencies’ fluctuation. The currency fluctuation affects international trade.  Import trade becomes expensive for the country, which owns a weaker currency. But it creates positive results for the export trades. The GDP of a country is directly linked with export trade.

Relationship between the stock bazaar and the currency trading

Currency valuation and the stock market is a complex subject. A weaker currency can cause stock prices to increase. Investors gain the highest return when their foreign investment values go up. Therefore there is a tendency to invest in a foreign currency. In the present situation, people invest in more profitable funds through the stock market. In this modern world, trading through the stock market is completely done with the digital platform. Therefore a country needs more advance technology to make a strong capital market.

Some risk factors in the virtual trading of stock

Cryptocurrency is the newest version of virtual trading. There is a positive relationship between the risk and the return of the cryptocurrency. People who want to make more money invest their funds in cryptocurrency. The trading of cryptocurrency is mainly done through blockchain technology. Blockchain is highly secured technology. But there are some other risks like loss of the private key of the digital wallet, threats of cybersecurity, problem of hacking, and the third party’s involvement. Digital ledger account is maintained for the individual investors. The main risk factor is that any central banking system does not control this online trading. Buy and sell cryptocurrency is not controlled by the government of any country. For these reasons, the trading of cryptocurrency is still at risk.

But people are trying to improve the technology through which online trading of stocks is performed more effectively. The digital world can make a positive change in society. New technologies should be implemented for the sustainable development of the economy. Without an advance technology, a country will not grow properly.

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