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How About Starting A Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business

A common area for start up companies is in the medical field. While the job market has been tough overall, it’s certainly not all gloom and doom. Even within the realm of emergency medicine, there are opportunities to start a non-emergency medical transportation service. While these aren’t usually the main source of revenue for a start up company, they can supplement income that might be coming in from other aspects of the medical field. This is a great way to work around a job or familial responsibility if you have flexible hours. As with starting any new business, it is important to conduct research and seek out professionals who have the appropriate certifications and background for your field marketing tasks.

How About Starting A Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business

There are several types of medical transportation. For example, you could provide non-emergency medical transportation services to patients who must be transported via an ambulance, medical flight, charter plane or ground transportation. You may also be involved in providing escort services for passengers being transferred from one location to another. If a patient needs emergency treatment for an illness or injury, you can offer the specialized care they need at a time when transportation services are unavailable.

It’s often easier to start a medical transportation business in one area than it is to get clients in that area. If you have experience operating in that area, this can make a big difference in how fast and profitable your business will be. You should be able to find clients in the medical field in your immediate area. One good idea is to run an ad in the local paper or online listing services like Craigslist. This will give you a better chance of contacting those individuals who are looking for transportation services.

In addition to running ads in the paper or online, you will also want to make yourself known in your area. Your medical transportation company should be registered with the county and sometimes even with the state. If it’s required, register so that you are sure everyone who comes through your door knows who you are and where you are based. You should provide emergency medical transportation services at a rate that is reasonable and competitive. If you attract a high volume, you may be able to charge more than 25% per hour.

A medical transportation company offering emergency medical services can also offer specialty services such as charter flights, which allow you to fly patients to hospitals or other locations for very high costs. You can offer this type of service in conjunction with your regular medical services. If a patient needs urgent care, you can take them on a charter flight without their consent. Even if they don’t need this service right now, you can take them on a private flight later down the road. Know more about non-emergency medical transportation business at

When you decide to start a non-emergency medical transportation business, you should be prepared to work hard and be patient. You may have to wait for a while before you can get a steady flow of patients. This is especially true during the beginning, when you are still trying to find a good location and secure insurance. But, with time and dedication, you should be able to build up your business and work to provide the best services possible for your clients.