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How To Survive Teen Love

You must have heard about successful teen love that turn into a beautiful marriage and family. How is it possible? Teen love refers to be so immature, with so many loose ends and hormonal excitements. It is not about writing cheezy love letters or cute paragraphs through texts. If you want to survive teen love, you have to know and work on the relationship to survive for long to give it a good and valid name.

How Are Teen Couples?

Teen couples are fragile with respective dreams, aspirations and hormones and personalities. If you are in your teen and you like a person from your school, class or neighbor, then you have to understand what it is infatuation or real love of life.

What To Do?

Give Time To Emotions – This is the age where hormones are high and due to this such excitements are also high. But, do not think with your heart always. Use your brain and think about your feeling for the other person.

Do Not Hurry – Never show commitment too fast. The other person may or may not think in the same wavelength like you. It may be just a time pass teen affair but if you get too serious then later you may face heart break.

Be Friends – It does not mean that are friend zoning the person. You can share your feeling as friend to test yourself whether its teen hormonal likelihood or you have true feelings for that person.

Be On Same Page – Now that you are teen couples always give support to each other mentally and emotionally. To survive teen love relationship, only writing cute paragraphs on love letters will not do. You have act and show maturity towards your relationship.

Plan For Future – Today planning for future will become your goal and you can achieve the best. Going on a date, eating together, watching movie together is a part of fancy teen relationship. But the truth is planning for future like dream education, job, money, buying house and living together as mature couple in a health love relationship.

Discuss With Partner And Ask For Opinion – Do not make it one sided relationship. Ask opinion from your partner what he or she wants. You both have to work in this relationship and you can bring healthy decision in the same. So do not hide any words, secrets and share every detail to become a mature teen couple.

Remember teen relationship survival rate is very low and therefore, you have work hard, give time and effort in between studies, dreams to make your relationship work. Then only you can stay happy and survive this relationship in a better way.

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