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Why Does Google Say Your Website Has Malware

Have you ever experienced seeing a website showing a warning message and also seeing a red web page when you are entering a website URL? These are the several reasons for malware warnings that indicate your site is loading content from a website that is malicious or hacked or your website is infected with malware. In this case, google generally suspends the ads for your website.

When you are visiting a website, your browser generally checks for the content of the website, which is being loaded. If you are using a chrome browser, it detects the unsafe content on the website and then shows a Google malware warning to alert the user about the malicious content on the website. You can then decide whether to proceed further or stop visiting the website. This warning is different for several browsers and search engines in order to protect internet users.

Signs That Show Your Website is Infected with the Malware:

Browser warnings are the most common way to know that the website is hacked when it is loaded in popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.

Also, you will get poor search engine visibility when you are looking for a website is another indication.

Warning messages on search engines like google indicating that “this site may harm your computer” is also a sign that indicates your website is infected with malware.

Blacklisting and malware registries can also happen, and this can be indicated by the color flags on your browser toolbar.

Last but not least, your website hosting provider has suspended your website as it contains malicious content.

Ways to Prevent the Google Malware Warning:

The following are some of the effective ways to prevent the google malware warning.

Remove Unwanted Software:

It is better to remove the unwanted software that you downloaded from cracked or untrusted sites. Servers often with multiple CMS instances or WPs running and are not actively used or updated, it is important to start to maintain them or remove them in order to avoid the attack from hackers.

Keep Everything in Update:

It is essential to update everything on your site that including WordPress, themes, and plugins. Having older versions makes a way for the hackers because it doesn’t have any security recent security patches and fixes for your website. So, it is important to update everything on your site in order to avoid several vulnerabilities.

Read Your Emails with an Eagle Eye:

If you get any unwanted emails, it is better not to open them. Check the sender’s address carefully before opening the mail. When you get any links in your mail then you should take the proper care of the link before opening it.

Install and Activate the Malcure Malware Scanner Plugin:

This plugin helps in cleaning up the hacked websites and preventing your site from getting hacked. This plugin helps in scanning your WordPress database and files for any malicious threats and vulnerabilities. Also, it provides high precision results when searching for any threats and it is extremely simple and easy to use.


From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the google malware warning and its signs. Follow the above mention steps for your website in order to prevent it from the google warnings for malware.

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