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How to Properly Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors are not only stunning and long-lasting, but they require regular upkeep to stay looking their best. Without proper care and protection, wooden floors may become dull and worn – which is why many people cover them with carpets or rugs for extra protection.

Hardwood Floors are porous and water absorbs easily into them, which is why it’s critical to mop your hardwood floors as soon as they become dirty or use Ultimate Mats in order to avoid damage. Even a small amount of moisture can wreak havoc with the finish on your floors, necessitating repair in the future.

Vacuuming Incorrectly

Many people use vacuums on their hardwood floors, but this is not recommended as many vacuum cleaners come with beater bars that can cause scratches and dents in your floors – not exactly the ideal look!

Steam Mopping Incorrectly

If you’re thinking of using a steam mop to clean your hardwood floors, be aware that doing so could cause serious issues for them. A steam mop uses hot water and vapor to lift dirt from beneath your floors, which could warp them or discolor their urethane surface layer.

Additionally, using a steam mop on your floors may lead to other issues like mould and mildew, which are costly to remove. Furthermore, use of a steam mop may void any warranties your flooring may have.

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Robot Mops Are Safe For Your Hardwood Floors

Are you worried that your robot mop might harm your hardwood floors? Fortunately, most robot mops are safe when used properly with instructions and necessary precautions taken. So don’t fret if you have one – most are actually quite effective at this task if used as directed!

Avoid Mopping Sealed-and-Waxed Floors

When mopping sealed and waxed floors, use a mop with microfiber pad designed specifically for hardwood. Also, avoid using regular mop on them as these can eat away at the finish.

Avoid Mopping Hardwood Floors with Water

Wood is a porous material, meaning that it absorbs a lot of water from your hands and mopping. Furthermore, dirt and grit often build up on hardwood floors over time which can be challenging to remove.

To remove this stain, you’ll need a cleaning solution specifically designed for hardwood floors that is pH neutral. These cleaners can usually be found at home improvement stores.

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Dry Mops are ideal for hardwood floors, though you should only use a dry mop on wood rather than wet mopping them. Excess moisture can wreak havoc on your floors by causing warp or swell, necessitating repairs in the future.

For expert advice on caring for your wood floors, reach out to ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services today. Our seasoned professionals can give your home the ideal results.