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How to Care For and Clean Computer Components

Your PC has a lot of moving parts, but since it often stays in one place for extended periods of time, its interior components are vulnerable to dust accumulation.

Routine upkeep and cleaning are crucial aspects of PC ownership since external accessories like keyboards and displays may accumulate dust over time.

In this manual, we’ll go through the finest procedures and suggested equipment for correctly preserving and cleaning both internal and exterior PC components.

It’s not always essential to thoroughly clean your PC, but taking the effort to carefully clean more delicate components will greatly increase the life of those parts.

How to Care For and Clean Computer Components

Tools And Techniques You Should Know

You may not need all of the following tools, depending on how your PC is set up and the nature of your cleaning requirements. The better, however, is to have more of them or be eager to get more of them.

– A screwdriver: this is really only required for screws holding in components like the graphics card or hard drive or case screws.

– An air compressor

– Cotton swabs or, better yet, Q-tips

– Isopropyl alcohol, often known as rubbing alcohol, may be used.

– An abrasive cloth

– Only necessary if you wish to clean and/or reset your CPU is thermal paste.

When you’re prepared to begin cleaning your PC, disconnect it from the power source and, for your own protection, turn off the power.

Exterior Parts Cleaning

You could just need a moist cleaning cloth and a few Q-tips, depending on the exact component you’re cleaning. Cleaning your monitor’s screen and wiping off skin flakes from your keyboard and/or mouse is best done with a moist cloth.

Use a Q-tip to clean in between the keys if you want to thoroughly clean your keyboard.

Even better if you’re using a keyboard with detachable keys. Be careful not to lose any when you remove the keycaps and dive right in!

Fan maintenance

A few blasts of compressed air can clear the majority of loose dust from almost any PC fan (case fans, graphics card fans, heat sink fans, etc.). Just be careful to open the case if you’re cleaning a case fan so you can blow the dust outside rather than back into the computer.

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Taking Care of Internal Parts

Disconnecting an internal component from the larger system (the motherboard, power supply, etc.) and using the aforementioned compressed air/Q-tip techniques as necessary is the best method to clean it.

For parts like the graphics card and hard drive, compressed air (or an air compressor if you don’t want disposable) should be plenty.

If you want to be very thorough, you may use a dry towel to wipe off the hard drive and power supply. Isopropyl alcohol may be used with a cloth or a Q-tip for hard-to-reach areas to remove caked-on dust or filth.

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